Artis Consulting Announces Support for Microsoft HDInsight


Richardson, TX – Feb 11, 2013 – Artis Consulting, L.P., a leading provider of Business Intelligence and Collaboration solutions, announces support for Microsoft HDInsight.  Microsoft HDInsight is a distribution of Apache Hadoop for the Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012 platforms. It is an Enterprise-ready Hadoop service based on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), enabling customers to seamlessly store and process data of all types, including structured, unstructured and real-time data, in order to achieve rich insights and drive operational efficiencies and increased revenue opportunities.

Microsoft HDInsight gives organizations the option of adopting cloud-based technology, working with their data on premise or a combination of both.  It allows end users to work with Microsoft Office suite of products, which are the tools they are already using for data discovery and analysis.

Mark Hart, an Artis Consulting Co-Founder, said “The exponential growth of data available to organizations has untapped potential value.  Gleaning insight from this data has traditionally required specialists with significant investments in technology.  Microsoft’s approach, consistent with their long-standing strategy toward information management, will provide a cost effective solution that leverages familiar analysis and discovery tools.”

Over the coming months, Artis Consulting will work with clients using HDInsight to build analytical solutions that highlight the benefits gained from HDInsight to address the challenges companies face with “Big Data.”

"Microsoft HDInsight will allow customers to run Hadoop on Windows Server and on Windows Azure," said Bob Baker, Director, Microsoft Server and Tools Marketing. "Combined with the business intelligence capabilities of SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Office, HDInsight enables customers to obtain great insight from structured and unstructured data. We see the services market around these capabilities as growing rapidly and Artis Consulting is well positioned to execute here."

"We are thrilled to be part of the program – it demonstrates Artis Consulting’s continued leadership in the areas of information management, business intelligence and collaboration; it will enable us to deliver quality solutions in the evolving technology domain of Big Data," said Artis Consulting Co-Founder Thad Chapman.

About Artis Consulting

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Founded in 2002, Artis is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with practice areas that include Business Intelligence and Portals & Collaboration.  We bring experience and expertise focused solely on helping companies like yours leverage corporate information for improved performance. For more information visit or contact Mark Hart at 972-702-9500 ext. 253 (