App in a Day Resources

As a follow on to our App in a Day event, we hope you find the following resources helpful in growing your skills with PowerApps and Flow.

If your organization needs assistance in training, conducting a hackathon, building a Proof of Concept, creating a Center of Excellence, or working through a production solution, please click the contact us button below.

A great place to start is the PowerApps and Flow learning resources page on the Microsoft PowerApps blog.

Communities to Join

  • DFW PowerApps/Flow User Group – We run this local user group and conduct quarterly in-person meetings. The user group provides a great way to meet people, grow your network of people with PowerApps/Flow and address any design challenges you are facing.

  • Official Microsoft PowerApps and Flow online communities – asks questions, stay up-to-date with latest announcements, etc.

PowerApps Resources

PowerApps Governance Resources

Microsoft Flow Resources

Official Microsoft Flow documentation page.  The following pages are valuable references: