Organizations understand how emerging technologies transform organizations to:

Execute on business models not imaginable a few years ago
Take advantage of digital platforms and network effects
Drive improved insights and productivity
Make better use of people and data


Deep expertise across the Microsoft data analytics and productivity platforms to enable new ways of work. We adapt the way we implement projects based on the needs of our clients via the following models:

Strategic Roadmap
Blended Team Delivery
Outsourced Delivery
Tactical Expertise/Advisory

Data Driven Insights

Business Intelligence.  Big Data.  Predictive Analytics.  Machine Learning. Technical innovation is addressing the explosion of data generation and availability - which often surpasses an organization's ability to derive business value from it to create competitive advantages.  Put your trust in a company that can explain the terminology to you and demonstrate where and how the technology can transform your business.

Work Like a Network

Enterprise collaboration and social tools are more than just activity feeds and posts.  They are critical to harnessing the proliferation of information and communities within an enterprise.  We can help you implement and utilize them to provide a competitive advantage through increased transparency, accountability, and organizational knowledge.

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Power of the Platform

Platforms are enablers in the digital economy that can drive business model change.  Platforms enable interactions between people, between people and machines, and between machines.  Connected/smart devices are more than just infrastructure improvements that capture more and more data.  The Internet of Things paradigm helps establish new platforms to transform your business toward outcome-based models.

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Our Experience

We were founded in 2002 and over the course of more than 500 individual projects we have helped companies improve the way they work by marrying the use of Microsoft technologies to their unique business context.

With an average of 15 years of experience, our consultants have worked across nearly every industry.


Industries We Serve