Tooting My Own Horn: Speaking at SQL Rally Dallas

You may have noticed I never post business intelligence industry news on this blog. That was a conscious decision on my part when I started this blog nearly five years ago. Why? Because so many others cover that much better than I ever could dream of.

I never really post news about myself either. Why? Because I doubt you really care, and I’d rather blog about BI. (I have to say it was difficult not to mention how proud I am to have achieved the Analysis Services Maestro designation since, at the moment, there are only 11 in the world and 3 in the United States.)

All that is to say that I’m breaking with tradition to announce that I’m speaking at SQL Rally in Dallas this May. Why? Because I love meeting other SSAS geeks in the area (and hopefully one or two of you are actually reading this blog).


99 Tips for Tuning and Enhancing Analysis Services

All-day preconference session on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Come and hear Greg Galloway share all his best tips for optimizing performance of Analysis Services and improving the user experience and reach of your cubes. This session is targeted to BI developers responsible for maintaining Analysis Services cubes and to DBAs who are tasked with monitoring and troubleshooting Analysis Services issues. Expect to leave with an actionable checklist of ideas to try on Monday when you return to work, with a deeper grasp of the internals of Analysis Services, with MDX optimization experience, and with best practices that ensure your projects succeed. This preconference session will focus on Multidimensional cubes and MDX but will briefly discuss the advantages and limitations of new Tabular models and DAX in Analysis Services 2012.

Making Heads or Tails of Analysis Services Storage

Regular 75 minute session during the conference May 10-11, 2012

If you are about to start a new Microsoft business intelligence project, you have more Analysis Services choices and flexibility than ever before. Come learn what’s new in Analysis Services 2012 and learn the advantages and limitations of the new Tabular models compared with classic Multidimensional models. In this session we will take a deep dive into storage modes in Analysis Services. We’ll discuss the two storage modes a Multidimensional model can use: MOLAP and ROLAP. We’ll discuss the storage modes in new Tabular models: VertiPaq and DirectQuery. We’ll preview the new columnstore index in SQL Server 2012 and discuss how it impacts Analysis Services. And we’ll take a deep dive into two successful Analysis Services deployments at two Fortune 500 companies and discuss why one chose ROLAP and the other chose MOLAP.

I will do my best to avoid much overlap between those sessions, so I look forward to seeing you in both of them. Register for SQL Rally soon since prices go up after March 14th. The pre-conference session is only $219, which I think is quite a bargain.

Artis is a silver sponsor and will definitely have a big presence at the conference. And my Artis co-worker and fellow MVP Tim Mitchell is pulling double duty in helping organize the conference and speaking on Data Quality Services. (As a side note, I have to applaud how the program committee excluded their own speaking sessions from selection and simply put them up for community vote. Tim and others on the committee are fantastic speakers, so the community rightly chose many of their sessions.)