Artis Consulting's leadership is widely recognized and it's apparent to our customers who continue to engage the firm in repeat business.  We only employ the best and most qualified, bringing on average more than 10 years of experience per consultant to every engagement. It's this commitment and expertise that directly contributes to our success.

There are many partners that provide Microsoft based solutions but only a handful who have obtained the level of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Artis Consulting is pleased to have been named to this group.

Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. Our case studies are stories that provide insight into how Artis Consulting has engaged with clients to solve "real world" challenges. The purpose is to provide examples of how a blend of technology and business processes can be leveraged to achieve improved business performance.  Read More


When used appropriately, a strong methodology can accelerate successful solution deployment. When used inappropriately, it can be a source of frustration and angst. At Artis Consulting, we approach Software Development engagements with two fundamental principles.

First, we realize that many customers have thier own processes in place and we work with them to make sure we deliver a product that is within their framework. If a client does not have a mature methodology, we use a streamlined version of the Unified Process that we have refined.

Second, we believe that in any Methodology there are "negotiables" and "non-negotiables", and we have enough experience to be able to separate the two. We work with our clients at the beginning of any engagement to identify what is required for the success of the project versus what is optional.   Read More


Artis Consulting has aligned itself with Microsoft Technologies because they have created a product suite that truly delivers Business Intelligence and Enterprise Collaboration to the masses. No other platform offers the full range of integrated functionality for both Structured and Unstructured data.

Compare Microsoft's solution against its major competitors and you quickly see their vision to provide an integrated offering at a price point that allows collaboration and BI to be delivered to the entire enterprise. 

Industry Experience

At Artis Consulting, we drive SUCCESS to organizations of all sizes by using our INDUSTRY expertise, solutions focused on IMPROVED performance, and a data-centric model and methodology that return the greatest ROI.  Above all, we pride ourselves in delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time!   Read More


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