The Artis Methodology is a scaled back, streamlined, data-centric variation of the Unified Process. We leverage industry best practices and tool sets to achieve high customer value in all projects.  Our methodology is a well defined, repeatable process that increases the velocity of projects for our clients.  Our project philosophy is to start small and grow with our successes and to  “keep things as simple as possible … but no simpler.”  We believe in being highly interactive with our clients to maximize their insight and feedback into every stage of the project. 


1. Inception Phase
Understand business problem, envision solution, and identify risks.

2. Elaboration Phase
Design solution, prototype, and finalize requirements.

3. Construction Phase
Build, test, and iterate with frequent releases.

4. Transition Phase
Deployment, user adoption, documentation, training, and knowledge transfer.



How We Apply Our Methodology

Business Intelligence
We have adapted our project methodology specifically for Business Intelligence projects.  Our methodology closely follows the Kimball methodology, popularized by the father of data warehousing, Ralph Kimball.  Key deliverables include: data maps, context diagrams, and dimensional data models.

Portals and Collaboration
We have also adapted our project methodology for Portal and Collaboration projects.  The key deliverables include: Project roadmaps, server topologies, site taxonomy diagrams, navigation designs, look-and-feel mockups, and governance documents. 

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