Organizations leverage Microsoft Cloud, hybrid and on-premises platforms to transform their organizations through improved insight and productivity.


Deep expertise across the Microsoft data analytics, application development and productivity platforms to enable new ways of work

Data & Analytics

Create a competitive advantage by extracting the value of your organization’s least utilized asset – data – by unlocking new insights.       

Internet of Things

Extract insights for all your company’s “things”. Whether it’s in the cloud or at the edge, digital feedback loops can transform your business.



Leverage AI & Machine Learning to take your data to the next level by incorporating practical data science solutions into your business.

Intelligent Applications

Build highly secure and scalable AI Orientated Applications for mobile and the web to drive internal and external innovation.

digital transformation

We help organizations accelerate the path to digital transformation through data analytics and application development.

Looking for ways to mitigate risk and move forward on your transformation? Our quick starts and training packages are a great place to begin.

Explore Quick Starts 

Accelerate understanding & adoption of Microsoft platforms and utilize the Cloud to minimize initial investment.

Explore Training Packages 

1 to 5 – day curriculums to improve the return on your Microsoft investment.