3 ways you can unlock Artificial Intelligence with a Unified Analytics Platform

Unified Analytics is a new category of solutions that unifies data science and engineering, making Artificial Intelligence (AI) much more achievable for enterprises and enabling them to accelerate their AI initiatives.1

The Challenge

How can organizations best utilize AI to drive innovation?  Industry analysts agree that AI has the potential to help organizations improve performance. Unfortunately, organizations are not seeing the benefits currently. Gartner Research predicts:

  • Through 2020, 80% of AI projects will remain alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization.
  • Through 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will deliver business outcomes

What are some of the root causes for the current state of AI affairs?  Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO of Databricks, says look at the siloed hierarchies of organizations.  “AI and Data are siloed in different systems and different organizations.  Enterprise data is siloed across hundreds of systems such as data warehouses, data lakes, databases and file systems that are not AI-enabled.  Popular machine learning frameworks don’t do data processing.  Because these data systems don’t “do AI” and these AI technologies don’t “do data”, it’s extremely hard for enterprises to succeed with AI, which after all requires both ingredients to be successful."2

Unlock AI with Unified Analytics

The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform enables AI, Data and Business professionals to collaborate and work in an efficient, iterative manner to drive more innovation with AI.  Here’s how:


Figure 1: Adapted from https://databricks.com/glossary/what-is-unified-analytics

1. Unified Infrastructure – The fully managed, serverless cloud infrastructure cleans and transforms your data so it can be used for analytics.  The infrastructure delivers data quality, reliability and scale.

2. Unified Analytic Workflows – The runtime capabilities enable data scientists to continuously train and deploy state-of-the-art ML models, resulting in more AI applications to drive business outcomes.

3. Unified Experience Across Teams – A shared workspace enables effective collaboration between data science and engineering to deliver consumable dashboards to the business to drive innovation.

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Ritu Jyoti , Program Vice President Artificial Intelligence Strategies for IDC, states, “Organizations that embrace AI will drive better customer engagements and have accelerated rates of innovation, higher competitiveness, higher margins, and productive employees.  Organizations worldwide must evaluate their vision and transform their people, processes, technology and data readiness to unleash the power of AI and thrive in the digital era.” 3

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