Artis Consulting Joins the LiveTiles Partner Program

Richardson, TX – August 9, 2016- Artis Consulting, L.P., announces they have joined the LiveTiles partner program and will provide consulting and integration services around the LiveTiles product suite.

LiveTiles provides the platform to create customized digital workplaces where you and your teams can easily access applications, visual analytics, resources and more within your Office 365, SharePoint or Azure sites.

Founded in 2014 in Australia, LiveTiles has grown to serve globally with offices in the UK, Australia, and the United States with their headquarters in New York City. Their vision is to provide software that is both user-friendly and functional and their mission is to, "empower teams with tools to make visions a reality." LiveTiles’ vision and mission are manifested in the suite of complementing products and the digital workplace platforms they provide to small and large businesses.

"We are very excited to partner with LiveTiles. We see significant opportunity in the market to further enable digital workplaces for organizations of all sizes. Our customers have been delighted with the customized experience LiveTiles provides within the Office 365, SharePoint and Azure platforms," said Artis Consulting Co-Founder, Thad Chapman.

About Us

Artis Consulting is a professional services firm dedicated to delivering Analytics and Collaboration solutions that provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time. We accomplish this by designing, developing, and deploying solutions that enable you and your associates to make forward thinking and competitive decisions more quickly and accurately - and at every level.

Founded in 2002, Artis Consulting is part of the Microsoft Partner Network and holds Gold Competencies in Data Analytics, Collaboration & Content and Cloud Platform solutions. We bring experience and expertise focused solely on helping companies like yours leverage corporate information for improved performance. For more information visit or contact us at (972) 702-9500.