Microsoft IoT: Proactive Problem Solving

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see a problem coming and fix it before your business grinds to a halt?

Pretend you own a small chain of coffee shops and that the largest driver of revenue for your business comes from your coffee sales. Unfortunately, when one of your industrial coffee machines unexpectedly requires cleaning or maintenance, you have to completely shut down the machine and say “No” to customers who order coffee. Employees might not know how to fix the machine, or may not even know what is wrong in the first place.

In our increasingly connected world, coffee machines can send data alerting you what is wrong before the situation becomes worse. The maintenance and cleaning process is sped up tenfold, and you can avoid unplanned disruptions that cost you money.

Or let’s assume you are a global manufacturer of industrial coffee machines and you can receive useful data from millions of machines that can be used to improve product lifespans and reduce warranty claims.

Whether you are a small coffee retailer or a global coffee machine manufacturer, Microsoft IoT (Internet of Things) enables you to make more informed decisions.

Microsoft IoT Opens New Forms of Communication, Insight for all Organizations

How does Microsoft IoT work? Imagine your business transformed. All of your assets connected, providing you with previously unavailable insight to push your business one step further ahead of the competition.

When you connect your business with Microsoft IoT, the opportunities are endless. This platform brings your business together in brand new ways using the “Internet of Things”, or interconnectivity via the Internet. By embedding internet-connected sensors into your machines, tools, manufacturing equipment, tractors, energy grids, vending machines, city infrastructure, air-conditioning systems, cars, and more, you enable new opportunities for insight.

Connecting assets to the Internet is not a new concept.  But by leveraging the scale, predictability and affordability of the Microsoft Cloud, Artis Consulting is making IoT integration a reality for organizations of all sizes.

Save Time and Money with Microsoft IoT

You uncover a myriad of opportunities to save both time and money with IoT. You can enhance your logistical operations, better regulate your utility expenditures, optimize delivery routes, track consumer behavior, or ensure that all of your mechanical devices are operating at the highest level. You can identify problems as they develop and fix machines on the verge of breaking down.

How Does Microsoft IoT Help My Industry?

Business with fleets of vehicles can use Microsoft IoT to run predictive maintenance on their vans or trucks. Because the vehicle can communicate with your devices, you know ahead of time when you need to schedule maintenance. This way you can fix any potential problems during down time before they become major issues during business hours. Microsoft IoT helps you keep your vehicles on the road, rather than in the auto shop.

Work in retail? Microsoft IoT works for you, too. Connect your in-store devices and gather valuable data on consumer behavior, just like online stores can gather information from their customers’ purchases. You can keep your shelves stocked more efficiently, predict when and what people will buy, and adjust your business strategy to maximize profits.

“Imagine your business, but more agile, more efficient, and capable of recognizing problems before they even arise.

Imagine your business, but more agile, more efficient, and capable of recognizing problems before they even arise. Imagine your business with Microsoft IoT. Learn how Microsoft IoT can provide opportunities for you to reduce costs and increase revenue. Artis Consulting offers an IoT Quick Start program designed to help you envision your IoT roadmap. 

Interested in learning how Microsoft IoT can accelerate your business? Contact Artis Consulting today.