A Case for Artis Consulting Quick Starts

Your Business is Ready for a Digital Transformation

If you aren’t exactly sure what that would mean for your business, that’s okay. What is digital transformation then? It’s the evolution and acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to take advantage of quickly changing digital technologies. Enabling digital transformation brings innovation to three specific areas of your business: customer experience, operational processes, and business models.  Technology improvements will make your operation more efficient, and you may also capture new revenue streams by capitalizing on your data. Utilizing these new technologies to impact your business in a deliberate, strategic way, launches your company into the future.



Artis Consulting Quick Starts

How can you accomplish this feat of digital transformation? Artis Consulting offers a fast, easy way to integrate new technologies like Microsoft IoT, Power BI, Advanced Analytics, and more, into your current business operations.

We call them Quick Starts.

Through our Quick Start services, Artis provides your company the opportunity for a trial run before making any significant investments into an IT solution.


How Do Artis Consulting Quick Starts Work?

First, we evaluate your business, its strengths, weaknesses, processes and models, then we get to work implementing a tech solution customized to your company. Our team is able to get to know the ins and outs of your setup, identify potential roadblocks prior to full integration.

With 5, 10, or 15 day Quick Start options, your organization will be able to quickly and smoothly undergo digital transformation.



Some of Our Quick Start Options

1.    Power Bi Quick Start

Interested in harnessing the potential of the most dynamic analytic tool in the market? The Artis Consulting Power BI Quick Start will teach your organization how to utilize Power BI to better understand and utilize your data.

2.    Azure IoT Quick Start

In this Quick Start, learn how the Microsoft IoT Suite can leverage pre-configured solutions to accelerate your Internet of Things initiatives and discover significant opportunities to better utilize your devices.

3.    Advanced Analytics Quick Start

Experience the value and flexibility of Microsoft Advanced Analytics software. Transform your business with predictive analytics, and enhance your company’s operations.


Interested in how an Artis Consulting Quick Start can bring your business into the future through digital transformation? Contact us today.