When we say "Data", what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Perhaps a spreadsheet? A weekly report? A data warehouse?

While all are true, the term "data" means much more. If you think about the type and amount of information you manage daily, much of it comes from reports and spreadsheets or "structured" data.

Examples of Structured Data

 - Databases
 - XML data
 - Data warehouses
 - Enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc)


Examples of Unstructured Data

 - Excel spreadsheets
 - Word documents
 - Email messages
 - RSS feeds
 - Audio files
 - Video files

Artis Consulting is a data centric company and we view both types of data, Structured and Unstructured, as vital to the life and growth of an organization. Because our expertise lies in both worlds, Artis Consulting is positioned to deliver wholistic solutions for Structured and Unstructed data management and delivery. Learn more about our unique approach and how we work with clients to develop Enterprise Data strategies.

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