What we do

Our speciality is delivering SharePoint and Business Intelligence solutions. We bridge the gap between business and technology to help your business enable better decision making.

Why we do it

We love solving problems and helping others. Leveraging these passions along with our expertise and experience help improve your business dynamics and results, through a productive partnership.

Artis Consulting's approach is to work with your team to define the business challenges you need solved. The next step would be to develop specific, measurable and achievable goals.  Our experience shows the most effective strategy, in implementing SharePoint or Business Intelligence solutions, is to first design a roadmap for the enterprise vision. Then, implement the most strategic project with the greatest ROI.

Delivering smaller, targeted projects that produce success quickly is a more effective method for implementing effective soutions throughout an organization.  


Artis Solution Areas

Business Intelligence Solutions - Information consumers demand flexible, easy-to-use reporting solutions. Optimize your reporting environment to enable business users to efficiently get the information they need, when they need it, while providing a scalable "single version of the truth". Read More

Portals and Collaboration Solutions - The majority of corporate information is in an Unstructured format. Fully optimizing this information requires addressing Unstructured data in concert with Structured data. Enable your information workers to be collaborative.  Read More

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