Work Like a Network

Collaboration, agility, transparency, innovation and productivity are five key challenges facing organizations as the speed and complexity of business continues to increase.  How you design the structure of your organization, how information flows across the organizational structures, and how employees are enabled to act to better serve customers are key parts of the digital transformation puzzle. 

When new ways of work based upon Lean management principles are combined with web-based productivity technologies, organizations can transform from silos to networks.  The result? Improved performance and ability to respond to complexity via agility and innovation. 

Microsoft's investments in the Office 365 productivity suite and the Azure cloud computing platform and infrastructure enable organizations of any size to have best-in-class technologies to support new ways of work.  This means any organization has the potential to bring tools and trends that we see on the Internet inside their company to make work more effective and engaging. 

Curious about improving the way your organization works?  Want to see what is possible with Office 365 and Azure? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Ways to Engage with us:

2 Day Workshop

A quick design sprint which focuses on attacking a problem from all stakeholder perspectives.  We design a rough visual prototype to ensure stakeholder visions of success are aligned, and stakeholders agree on the best path forward.

Four-Week Sprints

If you have defined the problem, our team can get to work developing and validating solutions to drive better outcomes.

Three-Month Embed*

We deploy a dedicated team to work through the challenge across multiple fronts.  Working in weekly sprints, we develop, deploy and iterate solutions and new ways of working.  

*when the scope of a problem cannot be addressed in three months, we break the project up into three month increments to reduce risk (from both a financial and success perspective) and speed time to value.