Automating Azure Analysis Services

Last year I got the opportunity to speak at a local SQL Saturday. I used the opportunity to really stretch myself and research some creative ways of spinning up, spinning down, and automating Azure Analysis Services. When I wrote the abstract and submitted the session I wasn’t even sure these things were possible (and after you watch the video you may feel a few of my demo hiccups prove some of these ideas weren’t possible). The code samples are posted on GitHub and the slides are available here.

I also got a chance to talk to Shawn Weisfeld of who provides an amazing free service and publishes lots of user group session recordings. The video below is courtesy of

The elasticity of the cloud lets you provide a better user experience instead of breaking the bank running your solution at the highest scale 24 hours a day. This demo-heavy session will show how to automate Azure Analysis Services. We will look at solutions to the following questions: How do you schedule a refresh of the data in your Azure Analysis Services model? How do you pause the server on the weekends? Better yet, how can you pause it when the last user disconnects and start it automatically when the first user connects in the morning? How do you scale to meet peak demand each day? How can Azure Analysis Services load balance across servers in multiple countries so that the user connects to the geographically closest server? How do you extend your on-premises SSAS solution into Azure Analysis Services?