Lambda Architecture Training

Cloud-based analytics for all your needs

Enable your team to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to build a cloud-based analytics solution for all your needs.  The Artis Consulting Lambda Architecture Training Engagement will equip your team to implement the building blocks of a Lambda Architecture.  Technologies used include: Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage Accounts, Azure SQL DB, Azure HDInsight, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics & Power BI.


The Lambda Architecture Training Engagement provides fundamental, hands-on learning experience over a 2-day course. Whether you are just getting started on your cloud journey or you are an experienced practitioner, we have relevant content for you.  Depending on your organization’s needs, Artis Consulting can tailor a curriculum to maximize your investment.  Key concepts include:

  • Learn the basics of Azure
  • Learn the basics of Azure Accounts, Subscriptions & Security
  • Learn how to deploy virtual machines
  • Learn how to deploy HDInsight & Azure SQL DB
  • Learn how to deploy Stream Analytics, Event Hubs & integrate with Power BI
  • Learn how to integrate predictive analytics with R

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Day 1

  • Azure 101
  • Azure Accounts & Subscriptions
  • Azure Security & Active Directory
  • Deploying a Virtual Machine and Configuring Azure Storage
  • Introduction to HDinsight
  • Deploy Cold Path technologies such as HDinsight & Azure SQL DB


Day 2

  • Lambda Architecture 101
  • Cold Path Technologies (Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse, Power BI)
  • Hot Path Technologies (Stream Analytics, Event Hubs, Power BI)
  • Deploy Hot Path Technologies
  • Integrating Predictive Analytics into your Lambda architecture