Power BI Quick Start

Integrate. Model. Visualize. Share.

 Realize the potential of the most dynamic analytic tool in the market.  The Artis Consulting Power BI Quick Start will help you learn how Microsoft Power BI can impact your organization by seeing your data in action.


The Power BI Quick Start is a great option for implementing a solution in a matter of days.  With 5, 10 or 15 day options, your organization can quickly:

  • Experience the value of Power BI
  • Leverage familiar Excel-based tools
  • Accelerate time-to-insight
  • Drive innovation for your company
  • Make better use of your data
  • Share insights with your team

Quick Start Options


5 Day
Data Model sourcing from 10 tables
3 Power BI Reports / Dashboards


10 Day
Data Model sourcing from 20 tables
5 Power BI Reports / Dashboards


15 Day
Data Model sourcing from 30 tables
7 Power BI Reports / Dashboards